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Stop Over-Restricting Your Diet!

Why that bar of chocolate, glass of wine or packet of crisps maybe your saving grace when trying to lose weight and stick with a new healthy eating plan!

So, reading the above your probably thinking how on earth could chocolate/wine/ crisps fit into the same sentence as “lose weight”, read below and I will explain

So, you’re starting yet another new diet and again you are swearing off all your favorite foods (chocolate, cheese, crisps, alcohol, bread) in a bid to shed a couple of pounds. I’m here to explain why that may be the biggest mistake you can make when trying to slim down and keep the weight off for good

When we restrict ourselves of all our favorite foods, the items we decide to cut out are probably going to be the ones we crave most, the ones we can’t stop thinking about and probably the ones we are going to binge on most when the motivation jumps out the window and decides not to come back.

What I suggest to fat loss clients is to include all their favorite foods and snacks into their diet so long as they are consumed in moderation and within their calorie deficit for the day. What fat loss really comes down to is being in an overall calorie deficit over the course of a day’s/weeks/months & years. So, if that means that having that bar of chocolate in the evening kills your sweet craving and keeps you on track with your deficit then doesn’t it seem foolish to cut it out altogether?

You could eat (however I highly recommend not to) only Mar’s Bars for every meal and still lose weight so long as those calories are within your deficit. Will you have headaches, stomach pains and feel tired and fatigued, Yes but it’s just an example that no matter what you eat in a day, if you can stay in a calorie deficit over time you will drop body fat.

From experience I know the all or nothing, extreme restriction with food never lasts and just lands people on the yo-yo dieting train time after time again. It would be an awful miserable existence if we spent our whole lives restricting our favorite foods and constantly having to think about dieting

There is a much easier approach you can take and one that will have you healthier, happier and in control of your choices. It’s called balance, eating in moderation and making mindful healthy choices day in day out!

If you’re feeling a little lost/overwhelmed and really not sure where or how to start with non-restrictive healthy eating then get in touch about my personalized food plans which include all your favorite meals & snacks, available now from the website.

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