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I surprised myself with actually enjoying this type of exercise, I’ve never followed a gym style plan before. Recipes were quick and easy to follow, really enjoyed some of my favorite meals in a lower calorie format. Check In's were very useful to reflect weekly on progress and all aspects of health & wellbeing. Lifestyle changes were great, better sleep, improved strength, feeling fuller and having a changed mindset towards food & drink. Overall it was  Excellent! Michele really took on board the food loves and hates and designed a very personalized plan. She managed to create a balanced healthy diet for a fussy vegetarian that doesn’t eat fruit, that deserves a medal !!I'm very happy overall with my results,  I’ve almost gone down a dress size and feel a difference in my clothes. . Improvements all round! Positive changes in every aspect


Meghan Smyth

It was a pleasure training with Michele (L.I.T). The program was devised to suit my individual needs - training schedules included a variety of exercises that made me hit my goals and increased my strength, fitness, flexibility and health overall. I would highly recommend working with Michele @L.I.T. I can see a definite change in my body shape and fitting of clothes and have become much stronger and healthier over the last 12 weeks. Energy has definitely increased and sleep patterns have improved. Overall very good value for money. I will definitely be recommending to family and friends. Great program – easy to follow with great online support

Eimear O'Neill

I had such a positive experience working with Michele from L.I.T. I was given a program that was suited to me and my lifestyle. The best thing about the program is I didn't have to cut out anything! I make better food choices now while still enjoying all the things I love to eat and drink. My end results were better than I expected and my overall view on health and fitness has completely changed after completing the program! I have already recommended L.I.T to lots of friends and family!

Lauren Walsh

I LOVED working with Michele over the last 12 weeks. My program was so personalized and pushed me beyond my comfort zone in my training, which is exactly what I wanted out of this. If I had a bad week, I felt comfortable checking in with Michele and telling her exactly how I felt knowing that she would give me advice and encouragement for the new week ahead. I felt well fueled throughout the 12 weeks and my energy levels were very high. I will absolutely recommend the program to my friends and family. I have also been asked in the gym who does my programs, and I am happy to send on Michele's (L.I.T) details. The program has helped me to feel better in myself and I have really enjoyed the challenge of the workouts. The program was so personalized, and the advice given in my weekly check ins were very helpful and encouraging. I never felt deprived of food or any treats I wanted throughout the plan and I also had many social occasions. I never felt like I had to restrict myself at any stage and this is why I would recommend it. Michele is fantastic, she is so supportive and has so much knowledge and love for what she does. I look forward to continuing working with Michele in the lead up to my wedding.

Ciara Mc Donnell

" I have thoroughly enjoyed the last 8 weeks doing the LIT Online Plan with Michel. After having a baby I found it really hard to get exercise back ino my routine again. The online program allowed me to filter workouts into my home life without trying to find he time to go to the gym. Michele was fantastic in making a personalized workout and food plan that was extremely easy to follow.  The weekly check-ins were very beneficial to me as it was a way of reflecting on how I was progressing. Michele was so approachable and always there to encourage and support me"

Helen Shannon

"This is a great concept for busy women who want to stay fit & strong.  I found the workouts very achievable  and loved the way they were put together specially for me to suit my abilities.  Michele is a very experienced personal trainer and is very supportive too. She has a great positive attitude and anyone would enjoy working with her"

Joanne O'Brien

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